Chain & Sprocket Care

Most chains supplied may be longer than needed therefore must be shortened to fit.

Check your sprocket gearing (number of teeth) that you currently have on your motorcycle.  The ones listed here may be different.

All chains will have an initial stretch and MUST be adjusted after the first ride.  

Chain tension should be checked before each ride to ensure optimal chain and sprocket life

Please read the chain's instructions.

Take care when fitting the clip or rivet link.  Improper fitment may lead to chain and/or motorcycle damage.

Make sure that your motorcycle is not bent or out of alignment before fitting any new chain and sprockets.

Cleaning your chain and sprockets after every ride will ensure optimal life.  Only use products specifically designed for chain cleaning.

Be sure to lube your chain and sprockets as often as possible.  Not all chain lubes are the same.  Choose the chain lube that best suits the type of riding that you do.

It is recommended that you have these fitted by a professional.

Adding a larger rear sprocket will improve acceleration but will lower the top end speed.  The same affect will be given when fitting a smaller front sprocket.

Adding a smaller rear sprocket will improve top end speed but will lower the acceleration.  The same affect will be given when fitting a larger front sprocket.