Pre and Post Ride Checklist

Before each start:

Check your maintenance schedule

Check the oil level

Check the brake linings and brake disks for wear

Check the braking effect

Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank

Check the lighting devices for proper functioning

Check the horn for proper functioning

Check the chain tension

Check the tyre pressure and tyre condition

Check the cooling liquid level

Check all actuating elements for smooth operation 

Before you store:

Clean your motorcycle thoroughly

Change the engine oil, the oil filter and the fine filter

Check the quantity and quality of antifreeze and cooling liquid

Allow the engine to warm up, close the fuel tap and wait until the engine stalls. This will prevent the old fuel from resinifying the carburetor jets.

Remove the spark plug and fill approximately 5cc of engine oil into the cylinder through the spark plug hole. Actuate the kickstarter 10 times to distribute the engine oil over the cylinder wall and mount the spark plug again.

Set the piston in the ignition TCD position to close the valves and ducts. Slowly actuate the kickstarter until you hear the automatic decompression click.

Drain the fuel from the tank into a suitable container

Correct the tyre pressure

Oil the bearing points on the control levers, footrests and oil the chain

Remove and charge the batter

Make sure your motorcycle storage area is dry and not subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature

Cover your motorcycle with a breathable cover or blanket.